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I am a resourceful and experienced Business/ Finance Consultant and a duly licensed Business Broker. I have a Masters in Management (Texas A&M Univ.), a Bachelors in Engg and over 21 years of combined experience as a Consultant (Incl. Pac Bell, PGE, Kaiser, Bectel et al) and Business Broker (see Recent transactions under Past Deals). Due to my financial background I am very effective in obtaining loans and have arranged financing on almost all the replica watches businesses I have sold and numerous other deals. I am extremely thorough and proficient in all aspects of Business Brokerage including but not limited to Evaluations, Contracts, Lien Issues, Escrows, Inventory, Permits etc. I personally monitor the deal rigt from inception to close out and have numerous references that can be provided on request. I have 1800+ Buyers for Businesses.

Please call me for a free no obligation consultation if you have any interest in selling your Business or obtaining a loan (Business Acquisition, Expansion or Seller Note Refinance).

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