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I would like to inform you about a Legal Insurance Plan that I personally have been using for quite a few years and am very satisfied with.

  • How Often have you wanted to consult an attorney for a matter whether a Contract, Retail Merchant, Insurance Company, School, Landlord or any other matter, traffic accident, IRS

  • A single Attorney Consultation and document review may cost you anywhere from $500 - $1000 at the current rates of about $250/ hr

  • This Plan is offered by a New York Stock Exchange Company been in business for 30 years and provides the plan through an AV rated law firm. AV rating is the highest rating a law firm can have.

  • You get UNLIMITED phone consultations in ANY area of law

  • You get UNLIMITED document reviews

  • You are defended if you get sued ( Imagine if are in  a Car accident or if the IRS sues you)

  • You get a discount in attorney fees if you desire to sue someone

  • You get a FREE WILL and updates

All this for $25 a month and the plan INCLUDES your spouse and dependent children. Please contact me should you need more details.


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